I’m Jason.  I can usually be found helping someone solve a problem or improving a process somewhere in south-western Ontario, Canada.

I’ve been a manager, architect, lead, full-stack developer and I’m lucky enough to still get to do a little of all of those roles.   It all comes down to making things better for the people I’m serving, whether that’s a customer using some website or mobile app, or providing resources and support to a team trying to do just that.


Where else to find me?

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Why a blog now?

I’ve come to realize, albeit somewhat late, that I’ve generated a staggering amount documentation that could have helped other architects and developers if I had, or been allowed to, share it.

I wanted an easy way to keep track what I’ve discovered about building software.  When I research tools I need to work with or things I find interesting, then I’ll document them here with a public blog post. Hopefully someone else will find these posts helpful or interesting and maybe I can save them some time.



The opinions expressed on my website are entirely my own. I never speak for my employer, co-workers, friends, or you. I have a habit of referring to specific people as a means of making a point or telling the story. These characters are not real, they are creations that are specifically constructed to illustrate a point.

I go out of my way to never borrow traits, ideas, or personalities from my current set of co-workers and leaders without the express consent. That would be rude and highly disruptive.