While the Canvas LMS continues to quickly grow.  Navigating changes for each release and the history of releases has become cumbersome.


Cumbersome no more! With the next update this weekend, the release notes section will be getting some love.

canvas release notes

Specifically to note,

Only one release notes document will be published per release. This change means that you won’t have to follow two different documents (beta and production). For example, the current Canvas release is July 14. We published beta release notes on July 2, and we published production release notes on July 9. If we already had one set of release notes now, we wouldn’t publish production release notes and just add any changes to the notes we published on July 2.

Each release provides the full details but also summarizes features by user role. This change helps all users get the information they are looking for without having to create additional documentation.



For more, be sure to check out short overview Release Notes Changes video.