InstructureCarn, Instructure, Canvas LMS, 2018

This year the main Instructure annual conference, dubbed InstructureCarn, did not disappoint!  The community around the Canvas LMS has only gotten stronger.

#1 – The product is maturing

This has never been more clear with the resources around the continually improving mobile offerings, API and LTI support.

The core product continues to evolve and there are a ton of extensions now possible through LTI integration. Not to mention all the JavaScript theme shortcuts that are out there to enhance simple UI-related items. On top of that many schools, including mine, have built their own LTIs to craft a better learning experience.

#2 – Data is everything

Canvas has always been able to provide very detailed history on how each person leverages the product.  From page view duration to login history, many companies have offerings that help with retention, fraud detection or course material effectiveness. And now more mobile based user data has made it’s way into the fold.

This year however, a large amount of discussion between Instructure, administrators, technologists and instructional designers has started.  With this focus and the strength of the community, I’m expected to see some big leaps forward in this area that will start helping predict almost anything within Canvas.


What’s next

For more insights around any of this check out any of these communities